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Access and login to the application

How do I access Shadline from a computer?

Using Shadline is very simple. No software installation or plug-in is required. A web browser is all that is needed to access the application at the following address:

Which browsers are supported?

All recent web browsers maintained by their editor are compatible with Shadline: Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium base), Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, etc. The web application is therefore accessible from Windows, macOS and Linux.

How do I use Shadline from my smartphone?

You need to install the mobile application available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad):

What is my login ID?

Your login is the email address you used when you created your account. It is this login that you must use on the web and mobile application.

An administrator from my company has just created an account for me. How do I log in for the first time?

After your Premium account was created by an Admin, you received an email containing a one-time code (called an OTP). Log in to Shadline from a web browser or the mobile app, enter your username (your email address) and enter the code you received in the « Password » field. You will then be directed to a page where you can choose your password and finalise the creation of your account.

A user invited me to join a Line. How do I create my account to access it?

Click on the « Join Shadline » link received by email to go directly to the page for creating your Freemium account. Enter your first and last name and validate. You will receive a 2nd email containing a one-time code (called OTP) that you must use in the « Password » field to login to Shadline from a web browser or the mobile application. You will then be directed to a page to choose your password and finalise your account creation. This gives you access to the Lines you are invited to.

What means of authentication are available?

By default, you must enter your login and password to connect to the application.

Your password must comply with the security rules set by our service:

  • at least 9 characters
  • at least 3 different types of characters (among lower case, upper case, numbers or special characters).

You can activate a strong 2-factor authentication from the Settings > Account security menu. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you at each connection after validation of your password.


Who can access the files uploaded in a Line?

All participants in a Line have the same access rights to files (viewing, deleting; as well as downloading, transferring and storing if the import was not done in Read-only mode by the user who submitted the file).

Who can manage the list of participants in a Line?

By default, only the creator of the Line can add or remove participants.

However, this property can be extended by the creator who can grant the right to manage the participants of the Line to all of them by checking the option « Participants of this Line can invite other participants » when creating the Line or at any time by editing the Line properties.

Note: When you add a participant to a Line, they have access to the history of the Line. They can therefore see the messages and files published before their arrival.

How can I be informed if there is a new message or file in a Line?

You can configure your notifications from the Settings menu in your account. The 1st section allows you to set up alerts for new messages or files added to the Lines you have access to. You can define :

  • The channel for receiving notifications: email, mobile (mobile app installation required) and/or system messages (via the web browser)
  • The frequency of receiving notifications (real time or time delay to limit too frequent requests)

Select the Lines for which you wish to be notified from the list of Lines or from the Line parameters by activating the alerts (picto « bell »).


How is the data encrypted?

Shadline provides multi-level encryption of « in motion » and « at rest » data:

  1. Data passing between users and the Shadline application is encrypted using 2 complementary mechanisms:
    • Full encryption of HTTPS flows
    • Additional application encryption of requests in AES-256 (with a unique and temporary session key)
  2. Messages and files are encrypted and fragmented into several segments when they arrive on the Shadline infrastructure. The encrypted segments are completely unreadable and unintelligible, making it impossible to reconstruct the data by accessing the storage drives. The data access ID is also encrypted using a dual mechanism based on a symmetric corporate key and an asymmetric key pair specific to each user receiving the information.

What properties make it possible to control the distribution of data exchanged by Shadline?

You have full control over who you share your information with by controlling the participants in your lines and the recipients of your file transfers. You can also revoke the download link of a transfer at any time to block the retrieval of files; unlike an email sending where the attachments are always available.

The company’s Shadline administrators also manage the users. This professional application positioning ensures that people who have left the company are not kept in the communication spaces, unlike consumer solutions.

Shadline also natively integrates expiration management for your lines and transfers. This allows for automatic deletion of data when the validity period is reached.

What security measures distinguish the Shadline mobile application from consumer apps?

The Shadline mobile application does not use your contact book to automatically connect you with users outside your company, unlike almost all consumer applications.

The application does not rely on your phone number to identify you. It is therefore invulnerable to man-in-the-contact attacks and GSM network vulnerabilities.

Finally, there is no backup of messages and files on an external cloud service such as Google Drive or iCloud.

How is the security of Shadline’s services monitored?

We perform security testing continuously throughout the development cycles of our applications. We also use third-party partners to perform security audits, including penetration testing, before each major release.

How is my data used?

All information you submit, import or store on Shadline is your sole property. Shadline does not acquire any ownership rights to your content; nor does it acquire any license to use, reproduce, publish or distribute such content.

The information collected during your connection to or use of the service is used solely to ensure that the service functions properly. Shadline undertakes not to make any commercial use of this data through any internal processing or transmission of the data to third party companies or organisations. This information is not transferred or sold to any third party.


What are the differences between Freemium and Premium accounts?

A Freemium account has the same security measures as a Premium account. No mechanism is degraded. The differences are in the usage. A Freemium account has the following limitations:

  • 2 GB of storage
  • Creation of a maximum of 3 lines
  • Creation of a maximum of 3 file requests (received via the Transfer function)
  • 50 MB maximum per uploaded file
  • Transfer history (send and received) disabled

Unlike Premium Enterprise accounts, a Freemium account does not have a Shadline contact list pre-populated with the company’s employees. It is an autonomous account, without centralized management from a company back-office.

Unable to download files with Firefox

Issue: Files download progress correctly up to 100% (whether you are in Lines, Storage or receiving a transfer) but they are not written locally to your computer. The files are not visible either from the Firefox download panel or with the system file explorer.

Solution: This is due to the cookie management option being incompatible with the Services Worker used to optimise file downloads. This issue has been identified by the community and is known to the Firefox developers. To remedy this, you must either :

  1. Change the configuration of the « Delete cookies and site data when closing Firefox » option by disabling it
  2. Add an exception for Shadline (Manage permissions button > Website address (enter > Allow > Save changes).

It is normally necessary to restart Firefox to apply the configuration change

The validation of the OTP code for account finalisation or password renewal is blocked

Issue: To finalise the creation of your account or to renew your password (having used the « Forgot your password » function on the home page) you receive an OTP (one-time 6-digit code) by email or SMS. You then use this code to connect to the application (in the password field). Your display then remains frozen on a screen with a permanent « spinner » preventing you from accessing the page for choosing your password. After several minutes a « token expired » message is displayed.


Solutions: There are several possible solutions. First of all, make sure you have a recent, up-to-date browser that is maintained by its publisher.

  1. Empty your browser’s cache, then close it and restart it to perform the operation again. This will clear any residual data that may exceptionally block the process.
  2. Launch a window in « Private Browsing » mode of the browser and perform the manipulation again.
  3. Disable your antivirus software while you perform the operation or add an exclusion for URL. Some antivirus software with an HTTP/HTTPS flow analysis module do indeed block certain requests from the Shadline application that are overencrypted. This concerns, for example, the Avast antivirus for which the « Web Agent » module must be deactivated:
  4. Perform the operation from another web browser or from the Shadline mobile application.

If none of these solutions work, we invite you to contact our support: